Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have you recognized Jhordy Lapforge?

Sometimes it seems as if I’m playing WoW wearing an eye bindle. How else comes that I miss out all the cool features that are there just in front of me if I only other to look?

Even though I’m a dedicated Star Trek fan, I never noticed until now that there are two engineers in Booty Bay and Tanaris manning the teleporters named Jhordy Lapforge and Scooty, a homage to two prominent ST characters.

And that’s only one example among many. The game is literarily swamped with references to all sorts of culture – from classic theatre to pop music and celebrities.

As usual it’s Wowwiki, the eternal spring of knowledge that has come to my help. The other day I accidentally found the list that tells you all those things you didn’t know or see until now. It opens the window to a huge part of the game that I’ve missed.

Some of the references are beyond my comprehension, for instance those that are pointing to other games, since WoW is the only one I’ve played. But there are so many different sorts of associations, that there will be something “for everyone” in there.

Scooby Doo marks
I’ll just give you a few more samples from my new insights:

I always thought there was something familiar about the Alterac Valley Mark of Honors, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I know. It’s identical to the collar of Scooby Doo! If you look closely you even see the initials SD.

I’ve done the Triage Quest for Artisan First Aid a couple of times at Theramore. And I’ve heard the sad farewell of the soldiers I’ve failed to heal: "Goodbye cruel world...I'm leavin' you today...goodbye, goodbye, goodbye..." I feel like a fool not recognizing this as the opening lines from one of the songs at Pink Floyd’s album The Wall. My only excuse is that I’m sort of death and blind for everything, concentrating on completing that annoying quest.

Many of the references are in form of NPCs. A few of them are so obvious that even I have have managed to recognize them, like Harrison Jones, Dirty Larry and Haris Pilton. But I never realized that Farmer Kent, standing on the docks of Southshore, is a reference to 'Clark Kent' and his childhood of growing up on a farm with his adopted Earth parents, Ma and Pa Kent.

Classic authors
Now every thing isn’t about pop music, movies and comics. There are plenty of references to classic authors such as Shakespeare. Often they’re just small details, which only the true fans will notice.

I don’t think many will understand that when the butcher Dirge Quickcleave in Tanaris says “"Get thee to a cheesery!" when sending you on a quest to gather cheese and other cooking ingredients, it’s a reference to "Get thee to a nunnery", a line from Hamlet to Ophelia.

Those few who do see it will on the other hand get a nice feeling of being enlightened, better educated than others, sharing a little secret with the developers.

How many of the references have you kept track of and how many did you miss? Go and check out for yourself at the Wowwiki list!


krizzlybear said...

My favourite place in Outlands is Toshley's Station, which is a reference to a Star Wars location in Tatooine. It also helps that every (almost) NPC inhabiting that area is a gnome!

i play it all said...

Two of my favorites are the bankers' names in Stormwind and Ironforge. Go check those out.

Darraxus said...

Toshley's station has both Star Wars and Starship Trooper references. The Arathi battlemaster in Shatt is He-Man (along with Orko and his Battle-Cat). The Horde version is Skeletor lol. The skinning trainer in Shatt I believe is a reference to Smithers from the Simpsons. I also think there is an Engineering trainer in Thrallmar named Debig (or something like that) and a Gnome one in Honor Hold named Lebowski.

Fish said...

This is one of my favorite features of Wow. I am a big fan of the movie "big trouble in little china" so when I saw they have a trinket called "six demon bag" I freaked out at the awesomeness.

Larísa said...

@Krizzlybear and Darraxus: to be honest I haven't really searched out Toshley's, for some reason I never came around to do many of the qs in BE. But maybe it's about time I did it. Are there any of the cutie monsters hanging around there... a cool bar perhaps, like in SW...? I'd better check out.

@I play it all: now you make me curious. Got to check that out next time I'm playing.

@Fish: I haven't seen that movie so thats between you and the developpers... But it's just great finding hints about your favourite movies in the game. Probably the list at Wowwiki isn't complete, so I'll keep my eyes open for more now. And by the way, just thing about Northrend! I wonder what new associations we'll see there. Really looking forward to find out.

GrimPagan said...


The only gnome town around, and you have never explored it? Did you think they would kill you like your green cousins did last time you wanted to find your roots?

As for sights there, there are the constant monster attacks on the gnomes and, well, occationally gnomes catch fire, those are fun too.

Anonymous said...

It was pointed out to me by another Stargate fan the two Stargate people in the Hall of Champions in SW.. all these poor Npcs - Ive never really read their names

Anonymous said...

Un'Goro crater has a ton, mostly Nintendo references. Mario, Luigi, etc.