Monday, March 10, 2008

Nasty weather

It rained this weekend. In the real world as well as in the game. You can't help becoming a bit dejected at times like that.

I came to think about it when I read Haryman's comment on my blog post about geography: "If it would rain somewhere when I'm questing about, I'd change to a nicer place and come back when the ground has dried up".

That's a nice approach I think, even though I myself have never bothered to move over just in order to avoid bad weather. And in some situations it's kind of hard, like yesterday, when the rain was pooring down in DWP and reinforced the gray dusk. Huge heavy drops, almost like slush, found their way inside of my Aldor collar and made me shiver. Find another place for questing? It's hard in that situation. The only thing I could do was to try to keep the summoning procedure as short as possible and then flee in under the protecting roof of the castle.

Of course the weather influences the feeling and the mood of the game. From that point of view I can think that Outlands lacks a bit of charm. Certainly, the skies are astonishing beautiful in many spots, with the stars, planets and asteroids. But it's still more predictable and static.

After all - a little slush in your neck isn't so bad. Sooner or later the lovely, warming spring sun will arrive. And it will only be nicer if you still can remember that rainy cold night when you were shivering with cold.

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