Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fixed and patched

The Day has arrived! The Sunwell patch is rolling out right now and when we switch on the pc tonight it will be as exiting as always on a patchday.

First thing: will the patch download painlessly? It seems as though the preloading has gone smoothly, but you never know. For me the patching is usually quite slow. Often I get a yellow light and a " you appear to be behind a firewall"-message, until the computer finally gives up and let the new information, mildly protesting.

Second: the nervous waiting to see what has happened to all the addons. Which ones do still work and which have become just a mess? Since the last huge patch I've put down quite a great job into improving my UI and I'm afraid a lot of this will be a waste.

But optimist as I am of course I hope to pass those obstacles and that I tonight will be able to taste some of the new content. It will be lovely, to say the least.

The very thought of getting access to a new area makes me smile. And the idea that the place will change when the server is progressing is simply wonderful. A world in development! We want more of that!

There will be loads of new daily quests that I of course have to check out some time, although I doubt that I'll make them all. More attractive is the new five man instance - I wonder how fast I'll be able to run it? And will it be enough to run it once in normal mode to be attuned to make it in heroic? I haven't found int out yet, but I guess I'll see.The 25 man instance is something I can just forget about, it's far beyond my reach. And the fact that they've skipped the attunement for Black Temple is nice, but in reality it doesn't make a huge difference, it doesn't take me one step closer to actually running it.

But there are so many other things to be happy about. Above all: all the new gear that I'll be able to buy for badges. That is the question that most of all is is occupying me and any other player with badges in the bank. What should I chose?

To be continued.

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