Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A screenshot from an everyday adventure

OK, don’t blame me for this silly little post. It’s all Maiara’s fault, the editor of the blog Voodoo Ventures, which recently came back from the dead by some magic spell.

Maiara has tagged me, asking me to publish the sixth image in my WoW screenshot map and write something about it. I don’t know if Maiara knows it, but long time readers of PPI have no illusions about my talents for taking screenshots or making anything good looking out of it.

Bad photographer
To be honest I’m the worst photographer of the world. I always press the print screen key at the wrong moment, half a second too early or half a second too late. If people aren’t closing their eyes, they’re always just about to run away, turning their backs towards me. And I don’t have any cool image making program like Photoshop to manipulate it afterwards.

But you asked for it Maiara, and here it is, the image that happened to be number six (which by the way seems a bit odd since it’s quite recently taken, I don’t quite follow how identity numbers are given to the images, if there’s any kind of system in it.)

When I first looked at it I just couldn’t understand what it was and why I had taken it. Where was I? What was all this green stuff about? Was I paying a visit to some tree living night elf ancestor or what? But there was some kind of building in the background, much bigger than the ones you find at Kalimdor….

Finally it dawned upon me. This was the result of a mishap. It would have been a cooler story if it was on purpose, but it wasn’t. And at the PPI you won’t hear anything but the truth, so here we go.

Falling from the sky
The image is taken in Dalaran, probably two months ago or so. I was flying into the city, forgetting about the restrictions and suddenly found myself slowly falling to the ground in a parachute. To my surprise I didn’t land on open ground. Instead I landed high up in a tree which, if I remember it rightly, stands in the backyard of one of the inns. I was a little humiliated, but most of all I was delighted. So I spend a little time up there in my solitude, climbing the branches, sitting, dancing, eating, doing all sorts of stuff to entertain no one but myself.

I think I enjoyed it even more when I realized that there was no way that you could access this little spot of the world if you tried it from the ground. Landing in the tree with a parachute is the only possibility to get there, as far as I can see. Then the idea crossed my mind that it would have been fun if there had been an achievement for it. Probably it would have taken a bit of practice to get it. You have to make the bird throw you off at exactly the right spot, or your parachute drifting will make you land in the garden and not in the tree. Now there wasn’t any achievement around but I took the screenshot since I didn’t expect to come back anytime soon.

Share your stories
So this was the story of my sixth screenshot. It represents somehow the everyday adventure I see in the game, one of the big reasons why I love it so much. There’s always another place to explore, although it sometimes isn’t in a far away corner of the world, but in a backyard in the major city.

Now I don't normally tag other bloggers. Chain letters just clash with my principles. But it was actually pretty fun to take the challenge to write about a random picture. So I suggest that more of you bloggers out there join the party and share the story of your sixth screenshots.


Rich said... (about 200k image)

i'm on my laptop, so my screenshots folder is pretty empty, but this is a pretty good one. You can see my warrior and priest afk at level 19 and 20, and a third account that a friend let me use to powerlevel these two in SFK (they were RAF-ed, so everything is 3x XP). The routine went something like this:

zone in, and park the noobs at the gate... run the paly ALL the way to Fenrus, at the end of the instance (you can see him dead in the screenshot, the big black dog), and kite the entire instance back to the front door. pop consecration, ret aura, and kill EVERYTHING in 4 or 5 seconds.

both the noobs ding. zone out, reset the instance, do it again.

I basically leveled those two toons (priest is now 74, warrior 68?) from about 18 to 60 doing that in SFK, SM, Scholo. Ugh, tiring, but efficient!

Anonymous said...

Delightfull little story! :)

Now admit that thinking about it put a smile on your face! And there you have it - that was the point of the entire challange: not to impress with a fantastic picture, but to remember a fun story linked to an image that probably never would have seen the light of day otherwise.

Thanks so much for accepting the challange! I hope it catches on.

Anonymous said...

I delete my screenshots folder pretty often as my machine is running out if memory.

I am buying a new machine this month so can start to keep them.

Its a shame really as i had some of when my priest was lvl 10 etc.

Carra said...

Ah, I remember the time when I found out my screenshot folder was taking > 1 gb of space. Images were still saved in *.bmp formats. I compressed them all to jpg (irfanview rocks!) to save some space :)

No more problems with space now though, they're saved as jpg by default.

But I'm at work, can't browse through my screenshots.

Anonymous said...

@Ixobelle: wow! The problem with boosting imo is to loot stuff. The bags will sort of explode and it takes forever to do it. But perhaps you didn't bother...

@Maiara: it was my pleasure. I've already seen a few others picking it up so I think you'll get quite a few posts from the seeds you planted.

@Esdras: actually I take very few screenshots, I seem to forget it all the time and rely heavily on others to document things such as first kills. This was one of pretty few exceptions.

@Carra: ouch, that sounds bad. I msut admit that I rarely look at the few screenshots I take and I haven't got any idea about how little or big place they occupy.

Anonymous said...

You can use The GIMP ( to do your image manipulation. It's completely free, very user friendly and does all the things I used to ask of Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

The screenshots are tagged by month-day-year-someothertimeunit.

This means that screenshots you took on for example Feb 1st 2008 and 2009 will be listed right after each other, and all the hundreds of screenshots you took in between those dates will be listed further down in the list.

I recently looked through all my screenshots (and even though I only have shots from the last year and a half when I got me my laptop it still took me hours ;P) because we had a screenshot competition in my guild, and it was a wonderful walk down memory lane :-)

I plan to do a "screenshot of the week"-series based on those images, thought about "of the day" first but I realised that was a bit too ambitious, not for lack of screenshots but for lack of writing time ;P