Monday, July 28, 2008

Missing First Time Kills

I first started to write a post called ”why I hate mages”, not that I do hate them but Larisa has asked me to write a post why I never played a mage but every other class and that name felt fun. Well the post ended up a whole lot more negative than I intended because I’m in a bad mood. So I decided against posting it for now.

Why am I pissed then?

Well after weeks of trying my guild finally killed Kalcegos in sunwell. Being that it was Sunday and due to work I cant attend Sunday raids I missed this first kill and it really ticks me off. On one hand Im happy that he is dead and the guild is going forward but still its really annoying in missing those first kills, thats the feelings you play for, that big rush when something you fought about for a long time finally comes true.

We have had more issues with this boss than any other boss since C’thun, we have spent maybe 7-8 complete raiddays on him alone and most of it has been without any progress at all. Basicly fight going fine and then Boom, tank dead. Or some keyplayer missing a port and wiping their group or giving us another portal and messing everything up. When we struggled with Kael’thas atleast we always made progress and the we know why we wiped. What makes this fight so special is that it more than any other fight so far is dependent on every healer being able to function on their own, maybe we havnt trained on that enough earlier.

On Saturdays raid we finally started to see tries going solid into the 20% and felt like it was close, but even though we called last attempt and canadian last attempt and then tried one attempt after that we couldnt pull it off Saturday.

Well yesterday apparently they killed him after almost 5 hours of wiping on the canadian last attempt of the day. Now I feel cheated on the experience and also a bit guilty over being pissed about it. Feels really egoistic of me to not being able to be happy for the rest of them. Well I am egoistical normally but sometimes I like to pretend I’m not, ok.

This also means that I’m missing out on this weeks Illidan kill since we have only focused on sunwell, unless I want to try to really skip sleep tonight.. hmm.. tempting.. If I get a few hours of sleep after work, then I have to go chase a ball for 2hours, then maybe 2 hours sleep more than raiding and then maybe 2 hours more of sleeping. Sounds doable..maybe..

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Green Armadillo said...

I "missed" my guild's first Huhu kill back in the day, because someone who could put out more DPS than I could signed on. That hurt a bit, even though I know the fight depends on burst DPS; I was there for all the practices and I'm not in the killshot. I missed a fair number of guild first kills because I couldn't make one of the progress nights, and I respect the raid leader's reasons for making the switch 100%, but it was especially disappointing to be there for the raid but to miss the kill like that.

To add insult to injury, the guy who rode in to the rescue was "too busy to raid that night", so I promptly got my spot back, when the raid decided to try TEmps trash.