Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few notes about what I’ve been up to

Yogg-Saron has died. Again. I wonder how many times he dies every night, if you add it up, every kill on the realms all over the world. Night after night after night. No wonder he looks like a jellyfish. Who wouldn’t?

The special thing about this kill last Tuesday though was that it was the first time that Larísa did it. And the first time that Adrenaline on EU-Stormrage did it in 25 man. A small step for WoWkind. But a big step for us.

I wouldn’t say that the step was huge though. It didn’t carry that enormous relief we felt when we eventually killed Archimonde last autumn. The joyous cries at vent were quite few and discrete. I guess we never had the opportunity to assemble enough of wipe nights to build up the right amount of frustration.

I think we all felt that it would have been even better if we had gotten the kill before the 3.2 patch. We lost the race against the nerf timer this time. It was a hard race to win in the middle of the summer vacation, with the lack of 25 man raids that comes with it. Given the opportunity, we would have been capable of killing him on the old terms.

All in all, nerfs or not, it was sweet to get it done, it was a good raid, where we went better and better with every attempt until the well deserved kill, and I definitely look forward now to do some more serious wiping on the hardmodes i Ulduar that will follow. We have the capacity of doing it. I know that.

New Computer
This night was special to me in another way as well: it was the first one where I tried out my new computer.

Yep. After all the trouble, ups and downs I’ve been through with my old PC, I finally decided that I was done with it, when it completely refused to start at all last Saturday. And once I settle my mind I tend to get things done quickly. A new one was ordered promptly from a local computer building firm, and to my own surprise I got it home and put it in order so quickly that I was able to raid just a couple of days later.

It was a new and different experience to be able to raid with a relaxed mind, not constantly fearing that the screen would freeze and the computer crash at the worst possible moment. I never realized this put such a tension on me before.

Now I’ve got a lot of things to learn and get used to. I can turn up my graphic settings and enjoy the scenery. I can start running addons like Recount, which I deserted ages ago to keep down the lag.

And I’ve also taken the step from a normal mouse to a gaming mouse. You know one with a pretty bizarre look and several extra buttons that you can bind to different spells. Woot! Yeah, I know, it’s probably quite normal for most PPI readers, but for me it’s a huge thing. It makes me feel like a naughty kid. Am I supposed to handle one of those things? A GAMING mouse! In my hand. Who could have thought this three years ago?

I’ve never thought about myself as a Gamer. But I guess I am. And actually a very happy one at the moment.

Yogg-Saron dead. Computer alive and working as intended. Next raid instance will contain 31 bosses. Could it really be any better?


Azryu said...

Congrats on the computer and the kill!

I remember upgrading from my 15 inch to my 22 inch high definition screen with a good graphics card. I literally felt like I was playing a brand new game- seeing everything like Blizzard does when they are putting all the images together themselves.

It was most definately a Feat of Strength not to be forgotten :)

Be sure to sight-see now that you got yourself some better graphics! See how cool Penance (the priest spell) looks on high definition. Maybe check out them (blindingly) bright trees in Crystalsong forest, or perhaps just give Yogg another round of hurting with everything a little less hazy then before.

I could go on and on... haha.
(About the penance thing, it may seem rather random. But I recently picked up my priest and started pvping with him as discipline. It actually got me playing wow a little bit regularly now-a-days! Im starting to feel that old sense of longing for my mage again. But that can wait. Ill let that simmer for a bit more until it's irresistable.)

Magma said...

Yeah, It could be better. Icecrown will not have 31 bosses, GC was kidding when he said that.

Flawlless said...

the next raid will contain One boss.

thedoctor said...

Yay for Yogg dying. I am glad you guys kept at it.

I know when I built my new pc, the feeling I had when I logged into wow was just awesome. Everything looked so pretty, no crashes, or freezes.

Mucho congratz.

Dw-redux said...

I know some bloggers frown upon the "ya we killed X" posts. SCREW THEM, hard and with a rusty spooooon! (thanks for that one 'righteous orbs).

Erhm. Sorry, Grats, was what i meant to say :) Im so happy for you guys. hope you are enjoying the one room wonder that is the coliseum aswell :)

And it won't have 31 bosses, it seems that was GC idea of a joke. :(

Firespirit said...

ugh... Larisa, I have a logitec mouse that I play with, a downgrade from a gaming mouse that I used to have. Its sad really, but a matter of convenience. I really miss my extra buttons when I have to heal for my group.

I may just pass this on to someone who really would like to use it more than I and look for another mouse that I can use. OR, I wonder if logitec makes a gaming mouse.... I doubt it though.

Anonymous said...

"A few notes about what i've been up" ? Im hoping you mean "up to " :P

Cacknoob (Aion)

Larísa said...

@Azry: thanks! I got a taste for it when I finally got my own computer to get a decent fps, but I never had much time to enjoy it before it started to freeze, shut down etc again. Now I'm really looking forward to see everything as it should be, without fearing that it will mess up.

@Magma: :( Wishfull thinking I guess it was.

@Flawlless: I don't consider that a raid instance really... It's more of a gimmic, an event...

@Thedoctor: thanks!

@Dw-Redux: thanks! Well, I rarely post about our bosskills. Only about the major ones. Endbosses. But I don't feel ashamed about documenting those. After all a blog is a web log - a sort of mixture between diary and opinion forum. At least it is for me. To tell about what I see and do in the game is one of the foundations of The Pink Pigtail Inn. It will always be. No matter of what is considered "high standard blogging".

@Firespirit: the mouse I use IS Logitech... the model is called mx518.

@Cack: remarking at details... you stick what you did in the trade channel! But thanks for the heads-up! Sometimes words disappear somewhere on the way from my brain to my fingers into a black hole. This was obviously one of those occasions.
Are you happy in Aion btw?

Fitz said...

Congrats on the new computer. I can barely stand to play on my laptop knowing how much better the game looks and runs on my newer desktop. And you are probably not missing much with Recount, but it is a nice tool to see how your spell damage is coming along individually.

Also congrats on the Yogg kill. We're still stuck on Vezax and have not gotten Mimiron anywhere near consistent downings yet, but we'll get there and you better believe Healer Trek will report that accomplishment!

Gevlon said...

I told you long-long ago that you deserve a good computer. Finally you got it. Enjoy and death to the hard modes!

darksaturn7 said...

Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I returned to WoW with a whole new system. A system that could render 25+ people in a raid and not freak out. A p[c that wouldn't make pvp a laggy sadfest. Seeing the world through better resolution = priceless. Grats on the Yoggy kill!